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Lydia’s Uniforms offers medical professionals one of the most popular collections, White Swan Fundamentals, at a great value. White Swan scrubs are made of durable, comfortable fabric that is soft and functional. Medical professionals are constantly on the go during their shift, and they need a quality uniform that can handle such a tough lifestyle.

Shopping for medical uniforms should be easy, and finding options that fit well should not be difficult. With White Swan scrubs, it is easy to find your size and length and get a great work uniform. With sizes starting at XX-Small and going up to 7X, any medical professional will be able to find an option that works well for them. As for length, they can choose from petite, regular, and tall. With these size options available, it is easy to find a comfortable pair of White Swan scrubs that will keep you comfortable all day long. With bright patterns and colors available, every medical professional will be able to find a uniform that shows their personality, or adheres to their dress code, whatever the case may be.

We strive to provide medical professionals everything they could need during their shift. Finding medical uniforms and accessories that work well, and will last, should not be difficult. Here, we make it easy by offering fantastic brands, at fantastic prices. Find your size, mix and match, and you will be set for your work week. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer service representatives. They are happy to help.