META Fundamentals offers women some great options in lab coats to fill this need.

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Lab coats are used in many different settings; whether you work in a hospital, lab, clinic, or veterinarian office, professionals often need a quality coat. These products are made of requisite fabric, which is a polyester/cotton blend that has a soil release finish. These are great options to protect your clothes from any potential contaminants, as well as give a professional look.

META Fundamentals lab coats are available in two styles, the 35-inch lab vat, and the 3/4 sleeve lab coat. The sizing options available are broad, allowing women to choose the most comfortable style for them. Sizes start at XX-Small and go up to 4X, allowing all medical professionals the chance to find a lab coat that fits them perfectly. While some brands offer options in different colors, these lab coats are only available in the traditional white color.

Lydia's Uniforms is pleased to offer META Fundamentals lab coats for medical professionals. These coats are extremely durable, with their stain release technology they can work just as hard as you do. They are also a great value, and professionals are able to get quality apparel at great prices. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service representatives. They will be happy to help.