Nursing in the News

From the nursing shortage to nursing students; the topic of nursing is prevalent in the news. I know that many of you live busy lives and don’t have time to keep up on the news. Even if you do have time, there are so many articles and stories out there it’s impossible to hear about all of them! So I decided that each week I’m going to scour different news sources, journals and blogs to share some of the most note-worthy articles and stories that I find. Some will be national stories and others local, some serious and others silly, some may just be opinion pieces, but all of them will be relevant to any of you who wear medical uniforms. 


Here’s what I found from the past week:


If you have any articles or stories that you think would interest others in the medical profession please feel free to share!


And since this will be my last post before the holiday weekend, have a great Memorial Day everyone!  And don’t forget to keep your eye on your e-mail, just in case Lydia’s has a special offer on medical uniforms in honor of the holiday. (hint hint)




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