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Sapphire Scrubs, Tops and Pants, V-Neck Scrub Tops and More

A nurse’s uniform doesn’t have to be dowdy and drab. Sapphire Scrubs combine high-end fashion design with functional features and stylish new colors that will leave you feeling cool and sophisticated. . The Sapphire Scrubs line is filled with scrub tops and bottoms that are flirty and feminine, yet also professional. Nurses appreciate that finally a brand has created a uniform that has the design and lines of mainstream street clothes, but includes the practical features a nurse needs like deep lined pockets in the front. Simply put, this is NOT your average uniform.

Nurses starting out in their careers often struggle to find the right brand of scrubs, not to mention the right style and fit. A favorite scrub pant among fashionable nurses is the Sapphire Vienna scrub pant. Available in a number of bright, popping colors, this pant could pass for at leisure wear, which is quite popular right now. Nurses can wear this stylish pant to their shift at the hospital, then around town to run errands and not stick out in the crowd. The Sapphire Roma scrub pant perhaps demonstrates this best. With a flattering fit on top and straight leg, this pant could easily carry over to after work.

Sapphire Scrubs makes pants that include Certainty? treatment, which features a revolutionary antimicrobial technology. Why is antimicrobial technology important? The technology creates a barrier to unwanted bacteria, keeping you from breeding illness as you protect not only yourself but your patients as well.

Finding the right fit can be a challenge for nurses of any size, but especially petite and plus size folks. Sapphire scrubs are available in a wide range of sizes, from xx-small to 5x. We are committed to helping all nurses look and feel their best by offering a selection that caters to everyone.