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Maevn Uniforms

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  • Maevn Blossom Collection Utility Pocket Cargo Scrub Pant
  • Maevn Blossom Collection Y-Neck Princess Seam Scrub Top
  • Maevn Blossom Collection Multi Pocket Flare Leg Scrub Pant
  • Maevn Drawstring Back Elastic Flare Leg Scrub Pant
  • Maevn Red Panda Two Pocket Scrub Top
  • Maevn 2 Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top
  • Maevn Red Panda Full Elastic Cargo Scrub Pants
  • Maevn Blossom Collection 3 Pocket Fashion V-Neck Scrub Top
  • Maevn PrimaFlex Straight Leg Scrub Pants
  • Maevn EON Mesh Panel Zip Front Jacket
  • Maevn Red Panda Curved Mock Wrap Scrub Top
  • Maevn Blossom Straight Leg Cargo Scrub Pant
  • Maevn EON 7 Pocket Yoga Scrub Pant
  • Maevn PrimaFlex Classic V-Neck Scrub Tops
  • Maevn PrimaFlex Drawstring Multi Cargo Pocket Scrub Pants
  • Maevn Long Sleeve Under Scrub Tee
  • Maevn Red Panda Half Elastic Waist Pant
  • Maevn EON V-Neck 2 Pocket Scrub Top
  • Maevn Red Panda 3/4 Sleeve 29" Lab Coat
  • Maevn Ladies Curved V-Neck Modal Knit Tee
  • Maevn EON Full Elastic Cargo Pant
  • Maevn Drawstring Back Elastic Boot Cut Cargo Scrub Pant
  • Maevn EON ACTIVE Sporty Mesh Panel Jacket
  • Maevn EcoFlex Elastic Waist Cargo Pant

Set Ascending Direction

1-24 of 76

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Maevn Scrub Pants and Tops

Lydia’s Uniforms has one of the largest inventories of scrubs and apparel for healthcare professionals. Whether you are a nurse in the early years of your career, trying to find the brand that works with your body, or a veteran nurse who is looking to switch up your wardrobe, Maevn is a trusted favorite among many nurses who prioritize comfort, price, practicality, and style in a uniform.

The Maevn Collection available through Lydia’s Uniforms offers a lot of variety, giving nurses their choice of block colors or patterns, fitted and non-fitted, different necklines, a drawstring or elastic waist pant, just to name a few! There are so many options within the Maevn line, allowing nurses to infuse some of their personal style into their work uniform. A set of scrubs that is stylish and practical - And who says you can’t have it all?

Maevn brand scrubs are some of the most practical and intuitive in terms of design. With deep pockets located on the very front of your scrub top, you’ll have a natural place to put your cell phone or other necessities.

Finding the right scrub set is often times trial and error for many new nurses trying to figure out which styles fit them best. Each nurse and physician has his and her own preference. You may try a drawstring scrub pant and then switch to elastic waist. The main benefit of shopping from a brand like Maevn is that you have plenty of styles to choose from.

Maevn traditionally uses a blend of polyester and cotton in their scrub tops and bottoms, which will give some stretch to the uniform. One thing is for sure - you will love the way you feel in these scrubs. When we look and feel better, we perform better, which is especially important in a healthcare career where the stakes are so high.