Smiles & Scrubs

I get really excited when I receive mail. I mean the good kind of mail, not junk or bills. Now that I think about it, my excitement about mail is probably half of the reason I have an account with Netflix. At Lydia’s the other day we received the good kind of mail: a letter from happy customers! And since the letter was so nice, and because it enclosed two great pictures of the customers in their apparel scrubs, I decided to share some of it with you.

These two Lydia’s customers aren’t wearing their nursing scrubs to a hospital or clinic; they’re wearing scrubs to school! Jane and Joanne  work as school nurses in New Jersey and they say they love wearing their Lydia’s scrubs. Well I believe them because they look pretty happy wearing their stylish medical scrubs in these pictures. In the letter they exclaimed, [the photos are] ”of us in our matching Stray’s Anatomy scrubs, looking as good, if not better than Katheirne Heigl herself!” I agree ladies, you look great in your medical scrubs, watch out Katherine Heigl. 


They also stated, “the children love the recognizable characters and the bright colors and we love the durability of the scrubs.”

Thanks for sending in the good kind of mail ladies! And if any readers love the scrub  top that these ladies are wearing you can check it out here.

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