5 Reasons Why We Love the NEW Barcro One Line


This new scrub collection, Barco One is amazing! The fabric is both durable and lightweight and the colors and prints are cute and can be mixed and matched to help build a solid wardrobe you’ll love.

Barco One applied ground-breaking fabric technology called Arctech™ and Lydia’s knows how demanding your job can be,  so fabrics that stretch, release stains and moisture wick are important functions.

 Here’s 5 Reasons We Love Barco One Scrubs:

– It’s eco-friendly! The highly sustainable fabric is created using an eco-friendly recycled polyester. Barco claims each garment has the environmental impact of 5 recycled plastic bottles per garment!
– The fabric stretches with your every move! The 4-way stretch fabric offers virtually unrestricted movement while still maintaining a professional look throughout the day.
– Stains are a breeze to get out. Soil release fabric offers you peace of mind knowing stains aren’t there to stay.
– Wash and Wear! Wrinkle resistance that keeps you looking your best even under pressure.
– You stay dry. Moisture-Wicking properties that keep you cool and dry all day.

Barco has created a top of the line brand without adding the top of the line prices. We know you will love them as much as we do!

 Check out the entire line here https://www.lydiasuniforms.com/brands/barco-scrubs/barco-one-scrubs