It’s Happy Bunny and Cherokee Scrubs go on a Customer Road Test

Working at Lydia’s Uniforms allows me to give you insight on what’s new, stylish and popular in the world of medical uniforms. But as much as I like to give my opinion, I also love hearing yours because you wear medical uniforms everyday. You know how they fit, hold up and really look. So today I’m taking a break and sharing with you the opinions of two customers who tested out two different medical uniforms from Lydia’s. One customer reviewed her Cherokee Medical Scrubs nursing uniforms and the other reviewed her It’s Happy Bunny medical uniform. See what they had to say.

Cherokee Medical Scrubs Road Test by Barbara

Which scrubs did you choose for the road test?
Cherokee Authentic Workwear Unisex Scrub Pant and Cherokee Authentic Workwear Solid Color Two Pocket Scrub Top
What’s your profession?
Respiratory Therapy student

How often do you wear scrubs?
5 days a week while in school, 3-5 days a week during clinicals

How often do you wear these particular Cherokee scrubs?
At least 4 out of those 5 days

What color do you have these Cherokee scrubs in?
I have those in Caribbean Blue, Ceil Blue, Eggplant, Hunter Green, Shocking Pink and Navy.

Which color do you wear the most? Do you wear that color as part of a dress code?
The color I wear the most is Hunter Green, since green is the color Respiratory Therapy students must wear while in class.

How do these scrubs fit?
I have purchased multiple pairs of these scrubs in many different colors and they all run about the same. I am 5’8″ so I buy the talls, which not very many brands carry. They wash up great, with no bleeding, fading or shrinking. I prefer the drawstring waist for comfort.

What are you likes/dislikes about these scrubs? What’s your favorite thing about them?
I don’t have any dislikes about these scrubs at all. I have been very pleased with every color I have purchased and I love that Lydia’s color coordinates the bottoms with the print tops for convenient online shopping.

Have you received any compliments on your Cherokee scrubs?
I have recieved many compliments on my printed tops with color coordinating bottoms.

Do you have any stories about what these scrubs have been through?
My scrubs went with me from being bored in class to the excitement of saving someone’s life responding to a code blue.

It’s Happy Bunny Scrubs Road Test by Beth

Which scrubs did you choose for the road test?
The It’s Happy Bunny Sash Scrub Top and Drawstring Cargo Scrub Pant in black.

What’s your profession?

How often do you wear nurse uniforms?
I work 6 days a week plus 3 evenings during the week so you can say I’m in scrubs a lot.

How often do you wear these
particular scrubs?
2 times a week

How do these scrubs fit?
They run a little smaller than other brands, but do fit well.

What are you likes/dislikes about these scrubs? What’s your favorite part about them?
My favorite part about them is that they fit well all over, you know, they’re not low rise, they fit on the hips nicely.

Have you received any compliments on them?
Many compliments from all my co-workers, and even people that work in management have said nice things about them.

Hopefully these reviews are helpful for anyone who wants to purchase Cherokee Medical Scrubs or new nurse uniforms from It’s Happy Bunny. Thanks to Barbara and Beth for sharing their knowledge on their medical uniforms. And if anyone has helpful insight regarding these particular medical uniforms, leave a comment and share your thoughts!

P.S. Barbara and Beth both volunteered their opinions to Lydia’s via MySpace. If you’re on MySpace come find Lydia’s Uniforms; I would love to add you as a friend! It’s a great place to interact with Lydia’s, ask questions, leave comments and communicate with others who wear medical uniforms.

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