Get Professional Style in 2011 with Custom Embroidery from Lydia’s

As all of us here at Lydia’s are getting into the groove of the new year and we’re sure all of you are getting ready to gear up in some new scrubs to welcome the new year as well. We have some great deals on logos and embroidery to help you set yourself or your office apart in 2011.

One great way to get the office ready is by having your business logo embroidered onto your uniforms, we’ll even set it up for free if your first order with the logo is $295 or more. You can add your business logo to our online logo library to make ordering for the whole office even easier!  And even if you don’t have a business logo you can check out some of our fun and cool stock logos here.

nurse logo- sl370dental logo- sl201staff logo- sl208

As you and your office get settled into the new year, don’t forget that all of us here at Lydia’s are happy to help you the whole way! 

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